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GBGE - 2017 | The only Professional Flower Exhibition in the South China

The 9th Guangzhou Int'l Flowers, Bonsai & Garden Exhibition 2017(GBGE2017)
Date: March 13th - 15th, 2017 
Venue: Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre Complex


Sponsored by 
Guangdong Association of Landscape Architecture
Guangdong Dealers Chamber of Commerce
GD-HK Economic and Information Exchange Association
Hong Kong Grandeur International Exhibition Group 

Organized by                                                    

 Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group


Co-organized by
 HPP Exhibitions / The Netherlands


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The 8th Guangzhou Int'l Flowers, Bonsai & Garden Exhibition 2016 (GBGE2016) was grandly held in Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre Complex during March 18th-20th, 2016, which gathered over 300 enterprises such as Zhengxin Gardening, Young Plant, Huifeng, Brighten, Mingxing Gardening, Ainong and so on, showcased flowers, pot plants, flowerpots, materials and equipment, flower shop supplies, garden tools, supplies on site, attracted a lot of visitors and merchants. 
GBGE2016 had attracted flower gardening dealers and professional visitors both at home and abroad, including flower shopping centers, growers, society of florists, housing design and landscape. 33,580 professional visitors from over 30 countries and regions, such as Netherlands, America, France, India, Japan, Russia and more conducted their visit and purchase on-site, including 2,386 person-times foreign professional visitors and purchasers.
GBGE2016 was very crowded and won a number of negotiations and cooperation. For instance, Zhengxin Gardening presented many gifts on site, Brighten displayed their flowers and pot plants orderly and the related supplies and featured products of flowers attracted a batch of people, made the exhibition hustle and bustle. 
Besides, Flower Arrangement Contest was held concurrently, showcased more than 20 competitive floral products, 7 florists conducted their performances together, which attracted over 300 visitors. 
Moreover, 90% of the exhibitors were satisfied with the exhibition effect and parts of whom have booked the booths in the next session. Many of the exhibitors said that more impressive elements added in the exhibition this session have boosted the atmosphere and number of buyers.
GBGE2016 provided so many convenient business opportunities that it has been the preference for brands at home and abroad publicizing the image of corporations, seizing the domestic markets as well as tapping into overseas markets. GBGE2017 will be held in Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre Complex during March 13th-15th. 
Overview of GBGE2017
It is estimated that the upcoming edition will join hands with nearly 500 floral enterprises all over the world, showcase new species, technology, process as well as  innovations on site. Moreover, GBGE2017 will attract 38,000 professional visitors from over 60 countries and regions, including China, USA, Germany, Belgium, India, Russia, Australia, etc. 
Flower Arrangement Contest will be held continuously and more international florists will conduct their performances at that time. 
It is believed that a professional exhibition with global influence will be certainly set up. Looking forward to your participation!
Concurrent Events
Flower Arrangement Contest
GBGE New Varieties and Technical Exchange Meeting
The 9th China Landscape, Garden, Greening & Better Living Fair
The 9th Guangzhou International Green Seeding Fair
Exhibition Scope
1. Flowers: fresh cut flower, orchid, potted flower, grass flower;
2. Potted plants: shade-requiring plant, cactus, seed, container vegetable, seedling, seed ball, etc;
3. Florist supplies: dried flower, artificial flower, flower arrangement appliance, decorative plant, etc;
4. Flowerpot, vase, artificial plant, floral design, home decorations, etc;
5. Garden tool, garden machinery, irrigation facilities, flower refrigeration and preservation technology & equipment, pesticide, fertilizer, peat soil, etc;
6. Garden supplies: wooden house, rockery, sculpture, fence, outdoor furniture, landscape light, gardening appliance, etc.
Visitor Organization 
□GBGE2017 will adopt integrated marketing approach, actively coordinate social resources and resources from organizers, attract and invite dealers, agents, traders and garden maintenance companies by its three-dimensional publicity strategy;
□China Garden Machinery Dealer Conference will kick off in parallel with GBGE2017, providing an exclusive platform for mutual learning, exchanges and cooperation. 
□GBGE2017 will invite professional visitors from all over the world to attend the fair, including manufacturers, dealers, agents, seedling & flower growers, and those engaged in urban management, garden maintenance, parks, scenic spots, etc. 38,000 professional visitors will visit and conduct negotiation at that time.
□Overseas buyers from the following countries are invited: Japan, Germany, France, Sweden, Dallas, Mexico, Italy, Canada, India, South Korea, Russia, Belgium, etc. 
□150,000 invitations, tickets and bulletins have been sent out by The Organizing Committee . 
□Publicize the fair by attending other similar exhibitions,holding promotion & press conferences. 
□Professional visitors are invited by means of personal visit, phone call, fax, email and other approaches. 
Exhibition Fee 
(3m×3m) USD 2,800/9 sq. m.
Add 10% fees for double-open booth Standard booth facilities: three white surrounding boards (height: 2.5M), one table, two chairs, two daylight lamps, fascia in English and Chinese, one waste bin and a piece of floor carpet.
Add 10% fees for double-open booth Luxury booth facilities: one table, one bar chair, one glass table with 4 chairs, fascia in English and Chinese, two spotlights, one waste bin, a  piece of floor carpet and one outlet.(Advert on table: self-prepared; size: 1m*1m)
Minimum rental space: 36 square meters. No facilities provided. Additional management fee: RMB 50 /m2. The booth should be built and decorated by exhibitors themselves. 
Exhibition Procedure
1. Please carefully fill out the “Exhibitor Contract” with company stamp before faxing or sending email to the Organizing Committee.
2. The exhibition fee must be transferred to the appointed account within five working days after the exhibition application is confirmed.
3. After the booth is confirmed, the “Exhibitor Manual” will be sent to exhibitors, the content of which includes how to transport the exhibits, hotel information, facility rent and other relevant information.
4. The Organizing Committee will arrange booths according to the principle of “first apply, first arrange, first pay, first confirm”. During the exhibition, the Organizing Committee will give the invoices to exhibitors uniformly.
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